DisplayPort by VESA

Are you seeing this new port (shown below) on the back of your computer usually next to the HDMI port? This is a new type of port called “DisplayPort” that is competing with HDMI and carries more bandwidth. One cable that can carry both a high definition picture with sound. However, the major differences between the two is the amount of bandwidth that the DisplayPort ~21.6 gigabits compared to HDMI’s ~10.2 gigabits so twice as fast!

The DisplayPort will be a common port to not only compete against HDMI but also be considered as a replacement for legacy connections like: VGA, DVI, and FPD-Link (commonly used by joysticks and other unique peripheral devices). The company behind the HDMI technology charges a premium to manufactures to implement into common devices that the consumer uses. However, VESA – the company responsible for bringing DisplayPort technology doesn’t charge a premium and is free to implement (like no royalties).


Source: Wikipedia
Source: http://hothardware.com
DisplayPort (left) HDMI (center) DVI (right)